Our Dream Positano Wedding


The first questions I get asked when I tell someone that my husband and I got married in Italy are simple. “Are either of you Italian?” and “why Italy?.” First off, thanks to 23andme I can say that I am part Italian, but that had nothing to do with that decision. And secondly, why not Italy? My husband and I first went to Italy in 2017 and we fell madly in love. When we got engaged, we debated about getting married in Florida. The problem is that I kept looking for rustic villas that looked like somewhere that could be found in Italy. One day, Matt said “why try to make Florida look like Italy, when we can just get married in Italy.” I hadn’t brought that up as a possibility up to that point but I was secretly hoping we could. Funny enough, I used to jokingly tell my old hairdresser that I was going to get married in Italy years prior when I was single and hadn’t met my husband yet.

Ultimately if you want to do something, just do it. Don’t waste so much of your time and life saying you want something, but then don’t do anything about it.

And here’s another fun fact about our wedding… Prior to getting married in Positano, we had never been to Positano. We had never seen the venue, we had never tried to food, we had never listen to the DJ perform, and so on. We literally booked and paid for everything halfway across the world then showed up days before the wedding and hoped for the best lol. You may be asking yourself, why would we take such a big risk on one of the most important days of our lives? Because why not. Life is best lived taking chances and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. And believe me, this was far outside our comfort zone but it was undoubtedly and absolutely worth it.

Find yourself a partner that is just as crazy as you are, think big, go far outside your comfort zone, and take leaps of faith together. You’ll be amazed at where you may land.


Wedding details:

For more about the wedding planning process and decision making, please see a previous post: “Bride’s Guide to Planning a Dream Wedding in Positano.”

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