• Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms

    Setting up a baby registry as a first-time mom can be super overwhelming. There are SO many baby things! But don’t worry, you’ve got this and I’m here to help! I’ve spent countless amount of hours researching and stressing so that’s why I put together this baby registry checklist. I’ve included some of my favorite items at the very bottom.… [Continue Reading]

    Baby Registry Checklist for First Time Moms
  • Pregnancy Essentials Through Every Trimester

    Hey, mommas-to-be! In case you missed the news, I’m pregnant! Now that I’m 23 weeks, I’ve gotten a decent taste of the wide variety of pregnancy symptoms and woes that most women experience by now. So I can finally share the pregnancy essentials that have helped me throughout my pregnancy! As well as what I plan to use during my… [Continue Reading]

    Pregnancy Essentials Through Every Trimester
  • Bella Vita Baby!

    First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. Does anyone else remember that from the popular K-i-s-s-i-n-g schoolyard rhyme? I remember singing it so much back when I was in elementary school. Well, the rhyme from my childhood has finally come true! Matt and I have enjoyed some wonderful moments together over the years, from… [Continue Reading]

    Bella Vita Baby!
  • Brunch Giveaway with The Local!

    Tap on the post below and follow the instructions to enter for the chance to win free brunch for 4! View this post on Instagram BRUNCH FOR 4 GIVEAWAY 🥂🍳⁣ ⁣I have teamed up with @thelocalnaples and my best friends to bring you the chance to win brunch for you and 3 of your closest friends! ⁣ ⁣ HOW TO ENTER: ⁣… [Continue Reading]

    Brunch Giveaway with The Local!
  • Perfect Classy Skirts

    I am so happy to have started collaborating with ChicWish! They sent me 2 of their beautiful skirts and they’re both absolutely perfect for this fall season! Living in Florida, I can’t fully commit to sweaters and cardigans just yet. But with this jacquard baroque skirt and this organza skirt, they’re perfect for the current weather while still being on-trend!… [Continue Reading]

    Perfect Classy Skirts

Bella Vita Guide Favorites

Our Amalfi Coast Wedding

Our Amalfi Coast Wedding The first questions I get asked when I tell someone that my husband and I had our wedding off the Amalfi Coast in Italy are: “Are either of you Italian?” and “why Italy?.” First off, thanks to 23andme I can say that I am part Italian, but that had nothing to do with that decision. And…

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Favorite Italian Beauty Brands

Are you ready to embrace the simple yet luxuriously indulgent lifestyle of Italian women? Italians revolve their decisions around things that make them feel good. From the extra glass of wine at dinner to enjoying a lovely plate of pasta without feeling guilty, Italians have perfected the pleasure seeking lifestyle. And among the many pleasures that Italian women pride themselves…

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How to Make Homemade Pasta

Fresh pasta is a completely different product from dried pasta. Fresh pasta is typically made from eggs and all-purpose or “00” flour, which is a very finely ground flour from Italy. Whereas, dried pasta dough is typically made with water and semolina, a flour with a much higher gluten content. The structure of semolina pasta dough makes it sturdy enough…

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Influencer Pasta Class at Sur La Table

I partnered with Sur La Table to host my first influencer pasta class with fellow local influencers. Almost everyone in the group had never made fresh homemade pasta before so it was really a treat for everyone to make it themselves! If you’ve never attended a cooking class, I highly recommend it! The cooking classes at Sur La Table are…

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Tom Ford Beauty Gift Guides

Ciao loves! It’s that time again! The holiday season is upon us and with this time comes many days of shopping for our loved ones. I know there are lots of gift options to choose from so I have put a couple Tom Ford gift guides to help you through your shopping adventures! Below I showcase some of my personal…

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From Paris, with Love and Anxiety: My Travel Diary

As I sat at Café de Flore soaking up the sun on a cool yet sunny fall morning, sitting beside my handsome husband with a cappuccino in hand; I was genuinely happy not doing anything at all for once during our two and a half week long adventurous and fast paced honeymoon. This was our last full day in Paris…

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Date night at Caffé Milano

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at pasta… and the way I look at my fiancé. Matt and I decided to go on a spontaneous date night out on Saturday to a lovely little cozy Italian restaurant that is located off 5th Ave in Naples called Caffé Milano. I have been daydreaming about Italy a bit…

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The 8 Beauty Essentials You Won’t Want to Travel Without

Traveling in itself is an exciting experience, filled with wonder and endless possibilities but you have limited space to equip yourself with everything you may need for your exciting trip ahead. It’s best to prepare in advance because even the most seasoned travelers tend to forget something. So consider this your friendly reminder to pack the essentials first, before there’s…

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How to Plan a Wedding in Italy?

If you’ve dreamt about having your ideal wedding in Italy, I’ve provided you with the first steps you’ll need to plan your wedding in Italy! There are endless articles about planning your dream wedding in Italy, but they’re all from wedding planners. Although they could be somewhat informative, they’re not from the perspective of the bride to be and 9…

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5 Essential Tips for Visiting Museums in Florence

Florence is a small cultural metropolis that offers visitors some of the world’s top museums and art galleries. The city is a real open-air museum and is the birthplace of the Renaissance. It is no wonder why millions of tourists visit the many museums Florence has to offer, from the Uffizi Gallery and Galleria dell’Accademia to Palazzo Vecchio and Bargello Museum. With…

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