Shopping in Florence: Best Shops and What to Buy in Florence Italy

Most people associate the best place to go shopping in Italy is Milan (as it is the fashion capital of the world). But I respectfully disagree, I prefer to go shopping in Florence, Italy! You can find all the same big designer stores and a ton of small quaint stores from local fashion designers to vintage shops.

Shopping in Florence

1. Leather Goods

The most obvious purchase to make while visiting the home of the Renaissance is by far, leather goods. Bags, shoes, wallets, jackets, belts, and gloves are some of the many other leather goods that you can find while shopping in Florence. You will most certainly see various leather good shops on just about any street you decide to stroll through. And like most things, quality goods are pricey and quality Tuscan leather is no exception. You get what you pay for. If you want a quality leather bag, pair of shoes, or jacket, you can’t be easily swayed by the small leather stores with no doors on the main roads. Head on over to Scuola de Cuolo or Parri’s for quality handmade Tuscan leather products that will truly last the test of time!

2. Wine

The Tuscan region of Italy is known for Chianti wines and there’s a reason why simply put, it is delicious! So shopping for Chianti is a must while in Florence. Chianti is very earthy and rustic wine that ranges from being light-bodied to almost full-bodied. The smell and taste of Chianti are reminiscent of strawberries and tart cherries, sometimes even violets. It is high in acidity and high tannins, so it tends to dry your mouth out. But it pairs so beautifully with Italian food.

If you have the time, I highly suggest going on a wine tour somewhere in the Tuscan region around Florence. We went on a Siena/food and wine tour at the Tenuta Torciano winery and we had a wonderful experience. If you’re short on time and don’t want to leave Florence, don’t fret, there are plenty of places to try and buy wine around the city. We enjoy several Frescobaldi wines. There the very lovely Frescobaldi restaurant a few steps away from the center of Piazza Della Signoria. Enjoy a delicious meal there and try several different wines! They offer several “flights” which are 3 different wines that you can taste. Keep tasting until you find your favorites! Regardless of what you love, you can’t leave without shopping for wine in Florence!

3. Fragrances and Beauty Products

Discovering all the beautiful perfumes that are made in Florence is a pleasant surprise that I found out the first time I traveled to Florence. There are several different shops in Florence that offer carefully crafted perfumes, beauty products, soaps, and room scents. Visiting one of these stores is an experience in itself. I highly recommend going to as many as you can!

Aqua Flor – Via Borgo Santa Croce, 6 located near Piazza Santa Croce

Aqua Flor offers is a fragrance addict’s Paradiso, with over 1500 scents you are bound to find a new scent or two that you’re obsessed with. They also offer a large variety of wonderful room scents in several different sizes. These will make you want to throw your previous luxurious room scent into the garbage! They have organic soaps, body and face creams all made with natural and raw materials. Treat yourself or a loved one to these heavenly scents! I must say that Aqua Flor is probably one of my favorite places to go shopping in Florence! 

Antica Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella – Via Della Scala, 16 located right behind Piazza Santa Maria Novella

This “ancient pharmacy” of the Dominican convent of Santa Maria Novella is the wold’s oldest pharmacy and Italy’s best-kept beauty hidden gem! They’ve been making award-winning natural beauty products (perfumes, soaps, skincare, body care, and much more) for hundreds of years. The next time you visit Florence make sure to visit the under-the-radar hidden gem. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. This is a shop you need to visit as you would another museum in Florence, as it is a piece of Florence’s history. I picked up my favorite scent to wear while in Florence here and I talk about it in my post about Italian Beauty Brands.

And there you have it, some of the best things to shop for in Florence and where to find them! If you’re planning a shopping trip to Florence soon, I know you will surely have an amazing time! I have also written a post all about things to do in Florence Italy. I hope you found this information helpful!

Ciao amore

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